Enjoy your Skiing Moments

All the year round Armenia is happy to welcome tourists from all around the world suggesting them great opportunities to relax. Winter is not an exception and those who like active winter adventures, will stay satisfied after their trip.

Winter vacations in Armenia are first of all active. You can choose among different regions of the country like Jermuk, Aghveran, Hankavan, Dilijan, Tsaghkadzor resort towns to realize your winter expectations. For example in Tsaghkadzor and Jermuk you can take aerial tramways equipped with the latest standards and develop your skiing skills with trainers.

 Tsaghkadzor ski resort

If you are a fan of alpine skiing and want to enjoy breathtaking natural scenery Tsaghkadzor should be enlisted in your routine. Actually, the levels of skiing tracks vary starting from middle level, ending with tracks for both beginners and professionals. The longest and fastest ropeway No3 takes 11 minutes to reach the last point of 2819 m from the sea level provided for both skiing and teaching. In fact there are 4 other ropeways each designed for different level of skiers.

Are you a beginner? No worries! The skillful instructors are always ready to both assist you and teach. In the case you forget your skiing suit or equipments; you can rent them from the initial station of the ropeway or from some resort hotels.

Riding on a sled, snowmobiles and quad bikes can be great accomplishment for your winter experience. And, of course, to make the moments last forever you should share them in social sites with your friends consequently a free and fast Wi-Fi is available along the full length of the mountains.








Jermuk ski resort

Jermuk is one of the major centres for winter sports in Armenia. It is situated in Vayots Dzor marz (region). This is another opportunity for ski lovers in Armenia. It has 3 km of slopes available. The winter sports area is situated between the elevation of 2,100 m and 2,438 m. A 900 m long ropeway serves the ski area. Besides sports, you can take medical treatment with healing hot springs. The most famous springs in Jermuk are the warm mineral ones comparable to the Karl-Var in Czech Republic.