Traditional Armenian Wedding in the 21st Century


Wedding is a great ceremony for all people around the world. Especially for Armenians it is one of the most important traditions to celebrate for several days. There are two main pre-wedding traditions before the actual wedding: the betrothal and engagement. After the groom’s family asks for the bride’s hand in marriage (Traditionally this is called “Khosk-Kap’’ within Armenians), they decide the day of the engagement and wedding itself.







There are some old traditions which are still preserved in several regions of Armenia with slight variations. One of them is “Red and green ribbon ceremony.’’ In the old times the crown the crown which was placed on bride and groom’s head during the wedding ceremony in the church was made of white, green and red threads which symbolized peace, life and sacrifice. After the wedding ceremony the couple and the guests usually go to groom’s house. Upon their arrival, some traditions with Lavash bread, honey, plates and beyond take place till nowadays. Specifically, mother-in-law puts Lavash on the just married couple’s shoulders which symbolize prosperity. Mother-in-law gives a spoon of honey to each to make their lives sweet. While entering the house, two plates are put on the entrance which the couple should brake to perish the evil.

Armenian weddings are like feasts full of flowers, food, drink and music. The main dish to be served is Armenian traditional “Khorovats” which is brought to the ceremony hall under the tunes of its own song “Khorovats is the best dish” (“Khorovatse shat lav ban e’’).

The most important couples after the bride and groom are godfather and godmother. They should be the closest married couple known by the groom and bride. The Godfather should give the most expensive wedding gift. By the way, giving presents is a separate tradition during the wedding when all guests are invited to hand their gifts. After officially getting married, the couple starts to live with the groom’s parents.