For Armenians bread is considered to be the Holy of Holies. Here comes the correspondence of Armenians as very hospitable, welcoming and friendly nation. In every Armenian home warm atmosphere influences where any guest is heartly hosted to share their bread together.

Most visitors, hardly without any exception love to eat well. However Armenia is one of the best countries that offer very healthy and delicious food in its rich traditional cuisine.

As it is already November and the weather is gradually getting colder, people are mostly keen on tasting hot dishes, among them the most favorable by many visitors is the so-called Khash- typical Armenian dish made of cow’s feet to which garlic, greens and salt are added. Khash is believed to be a food for the poor and is also thought to have a ceremonial meaning. The naming is thought to come from the Armenian word “khashel” which translated into English means “to scald.”

Khash is usually consumed very early in the mornings, and it is either served before the breakfast or comes to replace the breakfast. It is served with garlic, salt, radish. Khash is a dish to be consumed only with vodka and when it is completely hot.

Enjoy your stays in Armenia while tasting healthy and delicious food in the traditional cuisine during cold season.