aragats mountain

Aragats mountainArmenia is famous in the world for numerous cultural and historical memorials, medieval architectural monuments of universal value and picturesque places. But other pleasant surprises and new openings are waiting for those who want to explore Biblical Land-Armenia. Armenian mountains and gorges made our fortresses and castles inaccessible for many centuries. And now they invite the amateurs of extreme tourism to their flowery breasts. The main hearth of the mountain climbing in Armenia – Aragats Mountain is situated in Aragatsotn region – in the “Garden of Armenia”, which is known not only for its ancient monasteries but also for its marvelous nature: mountainous areas surrounded by extensive plateau and luxuriant Alpine vegetation. Here meadows are covered with colorful aromatic flowers, such as violets, lilies, tulips, blue-bells, and the “Alpine carpets” are typical to the high mountainous snow-covered areas.

Mount Aragats was named after Armenian king Ara Beautiful, and the name itself means “The Throne of Ara”. Mount Aragats with its magic nature has always been the symbol of beauty and the source of inspiration for many Armenian writers and Shamiram and ara geghetsikartists. This massif of four summits attracts the visitors’ attention at first sight by its solemn view and beautiful panorama. The peak of the mountain is the most striking which viewed from a far resembles the image of Ara Beautiful. According to the legend Shamiram, the queen of Assyria, tried to heal king Ara Beautiful on the slopes of the mountain after wounding him in the battle. One of the mighty volcanoes of the past now has four summits, but the most favorite one for mountaineers is the northern peak the conquering of which gives aesthetic pleasure to any traveler. Mount Aragats is famous for its springs and lakes. Not far from the northern peak there is one of the natural miracles of Armenia – wonderful Qari Lake and many lovers of nature overcome the difficulties of Mount Aragats to see its beauty. The peak is always covered with snow the thawing waters of which nourish the rivers Amberd and Gegharot that flow from the summits of the mountain. Besides, there is a crater of 350 meters depth which is a big basin of water.

The mild and warm climate of Aragatsotn region allows conquering the mountain heights for several months from May to October. Recently, the mountaineers from Iran enjoyed the pleasure of conquering the peak of Mount Aragats. The group leader of the Persian alpinists delighted with the beauty of nature of Armenia described our country by the following words, “The nature is really very beautiful. Armenia has all the opportunities to become a heroine of a beautiful eco-film”.