Yerevan at night

Have you ever seen Yerevan sunk in the lights? If  yes, so you glanced at the tufa stone buildings shining through the lights, streets heading forward spreading light and people walking by admiring the lights. Yerevan nights are like bunch of lightning bugs covering the whole city. All the streets are full with tourists and citizens feeling the pleasure of life, restaurants and cafes, pubs and clubs are filled with laughter and music open to embrace the visitors.  The republican square dancing fountains are another sight to see and listen to music in the depth of shining summer nights of Yerevan.

What about entertainments? Though being one of the ancient cities of the world, nevertheless Yerevan walks equal with the modern life and tries to boast with its nightlife entertainment options whether it’s for a romantic date or just hanging out with friends. Around the heart of Yerevan you will find a bulk of places to dance, be ready to empress with your Latino dancing abilities in thematic pubs, for luxury nights go ahead to the North Avenue. To watch the moon and the stars and drink best cocktails, you should visit some open rooftop cafes, really fascinating experience. For Jazz lovers there are amazing jazz clubs to dive into the marvelous sounds of jazz music.


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