Though having a small population and geographical territory, Armenians have always stood out in the crowd with their intelligence and creativity in many fields. In this list you will get introduced to those prominent Armenian individuals who changed the world with their inventions.                                                                                                            Stephan Stepanyanthe inventor of truck mounted revolving concrete drum mixer which revolutionized the concrete industry.

Gabriel Kazanjian the official inventor of blow-dryer of hair dryer in 1911          Kristafor Ter-Serobyan invented the green color of US dollar which is impossible to fake

Luther George Simidzhyan– invented the ATM                                                  Raymond Vahan Damadyan– an Armenian-American medical practitioner who invented the first MR (Magnetic Resonance) Scanning Machine                                        Alexander ”Alex” Manugyan the inventor of ice cream waffle cons                      Arthur Bulbulian the inventor of A-14 oxygen mask used in WWII by US Army and air forces

Hovhannes Adamyan the founder of the principles of black-and-white and color television                                 Alex Manugyan designed the single handle faucet                                 Artem Mikoyan a Soviet aircraft designer who invented ”MIG” military aircraft



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