”Family that prays together stays together.”

The typical family living in Armenia maintains conservative, traditional values. Women marry in their twenties and men slightly later. Armenian families typically deliver two or three children and their marriages last for a life. Though the 21st century brought some European trends into the family values, nevertheless the majority of families stay true to the traditional and national habits and values.                                                              The family members have a strong connection to each others. Just after marriage, the groom, in the majority of cases, brings the bride home and live with the parents either for several years or forever. Armenians often say ”People shouldn’t be alone. Family is what makes us comfortable.”, consequently, a typical Armenian is always surrounded by aunts, uncles, cousins, and other relatives throughout his/her life.                                          The importance of family is taught to the children from their early childhood. Child is considered to be the ”light” of the family and within each household life revolves around the children. They are always surrounded with attention, acceptance and affection. Armenian family is like a safeguard for children. They are protected and looked after well into teen years and even far later.

Actually, dating is allowed, but often under supervision. Friendship between young men and women are still viewed superstitiously especially by the elder generation. To the elders a man and woman together should mean one thing: they intend to start a family.          One of the most valuable characteristics of the Armenian families and people in general is hospitality. It is an extension of the regard for family. In a culture where family extends to aunts, uncles, and far beyond, many are welcomed with a warm embrace. We open up our homes and share our times with both locals and foreigners. You will never get lost in any part of Armenia, as the hospitable and friendly residents will invite you to their houses and treat you with coffee, homemade wine, and even traditional meals         Being a tourist in Armenia means feeling a warm and cozy attitude of the locals making you come back over and over again.

Welcome to Armenia, welcome home.