5 things to do in YEREVAN at NIGHT


Yerevan nights are especially beautiful in summer when after a hot day the city offers a great number of places to cool yourself and enjoy the evening. We suggest the following 5 things to do in Yerevan nights:

Walk through the lights of the streets

Enjoy your walk through the lights covering the streets from the buildings. Discover the city at night when the places of interest become extra-mysterious and attractive.









Watch your favorite football team’s game

If you are fun of football or just want to have a good time in an open-air café, choose one of them and watch the best games with your friends. What can be better than a cup of beer, crayfish, pleasant environment, cool evening and your beloved football team playing? Guess nothing))










Yerevan from the above

Reach the top of Cascade complex to see the city sunk in the lights. The whole city is under your feet, all the start are above you, and the moon is smiling to you… Take your photos from that view as a part of lifelong memories.















Dance with fountains

Yerevan Central Square boasts with not only beautiful architectural buildings but also dancing fountains performing their dance under the tunes of classic and modern music. Have your walk around the fountains or sit in front of them and feel the sounds…









Go dancing    

Want to relax and have a crazy night dancing under the tunes of club music. There are a number of great clubs and bars, which meet all European standards and provide good service for you. Delicious cocktails, yummy food and great music, what else you need for an unforgettable night out?

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